50 best gifts for singers

50 Best Gifts For Singers (That They’ll Actually Use)

Best Gifts For Singers

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

These headphones are the best headphones for singers. They’re lightweight, durable and foldable. Perfect for on-the-go use and in-studio recording. If you want to check out the best headphones for singers, click here

2. Vocal Steamer

For singers, losing their voice due to a cold or the flu is downright bad news. Vocal steamers safely clear the throat and help singers to sing with a clear voice in just minutes. If Ariana Grande needs to use vocal steamers to improve her singing voice, other singers should use it too!

3. Recording Microphone (Audio-Technica ATR2100)

The ATR2100 is a fantastic microphone for aspiring singers to use to record their new music. It has two outputs that allows them to easily plug into their computer and an additional plug for speakers. It’s the perfect starter mic for any music production. 

4. Herbal Vocal Booster (Singers Oil)

Singers can say “goodbye” to any rough and raspy sounding voice after taking a couple of drops of this Herbal Vocal Booster. It helps soothe and lubricate even the driest of voices. Voice37 oil is entirely natural and vegetable-based. The Amazon reviews are positive too!

5. Concert Tickets

crowd at a concert

Treat them to a fantastic experience at a concert. Singers get inspired when they watch their favorite performers play. If you’re not sure who their best loved artists are, you can take a look at their Spotify playlists as well as “liked” Facebook pages. 

6. Online Singing Course 

Whether it’s vocal techniques, stage performance, or breathing exercises, it’s always essential for singers to keep improving their craft. Singorama is an excellent singing program without breaking the bank. Check out the review here.

7. Voice Dampener – Beltbox

Ask any singer, and they’ll tell you how difficult it is to practice out loud without bothering other people around them. The Beltbox is a handy portable tool that singers can sing into when they warm-up.

8. Audio Interface

An audio interface is a useful gift for singers who want to record their voices and instruments on their computers. The Focusrite Scarlett is an easy plug-and-play audio interface that will help save time and produce clear quality sound. 

9. Music Production Course

closeup photo of turned on digital midi controller

There are more and more singers nowadays that can produce their own music. A music production course can help singers take full control of their creative process by creating and building their own beats and arrangements.

10. Humidifier For Singers

Poor humidity can be rough on any singer’s voice. When the vocal cords lack moisture, it can lead to throat straining and damage. A good humidifier can quickly solve that problem! Using humidifiers will help keep the vocal cords moisturized and tip-top shape. 

11. Vocal Multi-effects Pedal

The BOSS VE20 vocal effect pedal will take any singer’s vocal sound beyond what one’s voice can typically do. It’s an excellent gift for singers who want to take their gig to the next level by adding harmony and vocal effects in their performances. Having the BOSS VE20 is like having a team of backup singers, virtual sound engineers, and vocal coaches packed into a unit of one!

12. Music Marketing Course

If singers want to get their music out there, they have to learn music marketing. At Udemy, they have many jam-packed courses that teach the essentials of music marketing. Singers will get a step-by-step tutorial on promoting their music, selling their songs online, and branding themselves as an artist. 

13. Throat Tea

Tea is an excellent gift for singers because, more often than not, it’s a staple in a singer’s diet. The upside is that tea bags will eventually run out so they can never have enough!. Throat Tea by Traditional Medicinals is the go-to tea brand for many singers’ for soothing and clearing the voice. 

Best Gifts For Singers To Use At A Gig

14. Pitch Pipe 

Pitch pipes are great gifts for singers who are looking to train their pitch or sing acapella quite often. The small size of a pitch pipe makes it very handy for singers to bring to their performances. 

15. Vocalzone Lozenges

Lozenges are important for singers who are looking for quick vocal relief for their coughs and sore throats. These throat pastilles will keep their throat lubricated and comfortable before a  show. 

16. Microphone Cleaner 

Chances are many singers, and stage crews don’t clean off their mics before or after every use. When a microphone gets used, it can harbor many germs. Get them a microphone cleaner to kill away the bacteria!

17. In-ear monitors

In many live performances, singers need to wear in-ear monitors (IEM) to hear themselves on stage. A good and reliable IEM goes a long way in helping a singer perform their very best. 

18. iPad Mic Stand Mount

It’s beneficial to have a tablet handy for singers on stage. A tablet mic stand mount easily attaches any tablet to a mic stand so singers can see all their lyrics, chords, and other important notes.

19. Iron Flask Sports Bottle

Hydration is absolutely essential for singers. I can’t think of a more useful gift for singers than a high-quality water bottle!

Best Gifts For Singer’s Home

20. Shower Bluetooth Speaker

For singers who love singing in the shower, a Bluetooth Speaker is going to add more fun to their shower session. This Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof and has a long battery life, so it doesn’t need constant recharging. 

21. Vocal Recording Shield Panel

For there to be high-quality recordings, the recording room must be acoustically treated. While doing so requires a big budget and a lot of labor, getting a recording shield like the LyxPro VRI-30 can be a useful alternative to contain unwanted sounds during recordings. 

22. Superpower Singing Mug

This fun-loving mug will always be a reminder to singers of their incredible voices!

23. Motivational Poster

It’s tough to become a professional singer in the music industry. A few motivational words can go a long way to keep singers going while they chase their dreams!

24. Rest Note Pillowcase

This pillowcase will get music lovers resting at times where they shouldn’t be.

25. Encore Board Game 

This board game will get all music lovers excited and ready to play! The game is for players to sing their favorite songs using specific words given from the cards. Encore is suitable for all ages, and it’s sure to get the competitive juices running!

26. “Recording in Progress Quiet Please” Neon Sign

It’s always disheartening having a perfect recording ruined because of an unwanted noise outside the room. With this brightly lit neon sign, everybody at home is still going to know when not to make loud noises. 

27. Microphone & Headphone Bookends

This bookend is stylish and fits well into all types of homes. Remind them of their favorite hobby with this microphone/headphone bookend.

28. Record Bottle Opener

Singers can now listen to their favorite music while opening their favorite bottle of wine with this cool bottle opener!

29. Scales Wine Set 

With this musical wine set, you’ll be giving away a chart-topping gift.

Best Gifts for Singers Under $50

30. Songwriter Journal 

Songwriters need an organized space and place to write down all of their music ideas and lyrics. This journal has templates that allow songwriters to quickly and easily write down their songs. Gone are the days where a good idea gets lost!   

31. Behringer Microphone

Not all quality microphones need to be expensive. The Behringer microphone is a testament to that. It’s built for durability, sounds fantastic, and packs a lot of punch with a small budget. There’s also an overwhelming amount of positive comments from buyers for this microphone on Amazon.

32. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Who needs an overly stocky karaoke system when there’s this fantastic wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic. It’s a fun microphone that has everything a karaoke-lover needs. A great speaker, flashy lights, a high-quality microphone, and a built-in recorder. 

33. Phone Tripod

Having a high-quality smartphone tripod can make or break a video experience during a shoot. Recording videos are vital for singers nowadays for music marketing. Give them the best support they need with this lightweight smartphone tripod.

34. Neon Musical Note Light $15

Receiving this cool neon musical note light will quickly light up any singer’s life. 

35. “Recording in Progress” Door Knob Sign 

Whether it’s a big neon light telling others to keep the noise down, or a small eye-catching doorknob hanger, the message will still get across. 

36. 925 Sterling Silver Music Note Necklace 

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. This necklace is a great way to showcase one’s love for singing and music. 

37. Music Sheet Scarf 

This scarf is filled with the top classical songs. It’s a great way to keep warm while being able to admire some of the best classical songs ever written. 

Best Unique Gifts For Singers

38. Top 100 albums Scratch Off Poster 

It’s easy to listen to albums now more than ever with companies like Spotify and iTunes streaming every possible song. This gift can be very fun to use and also looks cool as wall decor. 

39. Classic Gramophone Music Box With Makeup / Jewelry Case 

Singers who love Jazz or anything vintage will appreciate this beautiful Gramophone music box. There’s even a drawer in the box which can be used as a makeup organizer or jewelry case. 

40. 1950’s Record Wall Decor

Bring back the times of the high top boots and the disco lights. This old school record wall decor will liven up any room it’s in. 

41. Cassette Stationary Holder with Tape Dispenser 

Singer-songwriters need pens to write their next hit song. What better place to put all their pens and pencils than in a cool cassette tape stationery holder. 

42. Bluetooth Speaker Water bottle

This unique bottle not only helps singers stay hydrated throughout the day but also play their favorite songs. It’s great for surprise singing sessions and those moments where they just wished they had a louder speaker than their phone. 

43. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters 

Know a singer that forgets their lyrics all the time? Get them these fun little coasters and see if they even realize the words are wrong. 

44. Deck Of Cards With Famous Singers 

Playing poker and solitaire can never be the same again for singers after using this cool deck of cards. Each card has excellent illustrations of many of the musical greats. From artists like Beyonce, Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, and many more!

Best Personalized Gifts for Singers

45. Personalized Mixtape Pillow

Every singer goes through nostalgic moments, thinking back to their favorite cd or mixtapes. This pillow will be a great blast from the past. The personalization of this pillow will add a nice personal touch.  

46. Personalized record 

This custom personalized record is perfect for singers who dream of writing #1 hit songs and chart toppers. Give them a record that has their name and a song they sang or wrote to remind them of all the great things they’ve done.

47. Personalized Mixtape Doormat

Mixtapes were used to be given as an expression of fun and love for the other person. Relive those moments with personalized mixtape doormat. 

48. Personalized First Dance Art 

The first dance is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding. Commemorating this event with a personalized art piece which will be a great reminder of their wedding day. 

49. Personalized Doormat Record 

Vinyl has been trending back over the years. For singers who are looking to add to their vinyl collection, adding this record doormat with their name on it would be a fantastic surprise. 

50. Personalized Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker 

Singers who love old school and vintage items will enjoy this cool-looking Bluetooth speaker. Just connect a smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth, and singers can enjoy listening to their favorite oldies like the old days. 

51. Custom Wall Sculpture

Every singer has a song that they strongly resonate to. Why not take that song and make it into a piece of art by creating a beautiful wooden soundwave wall sculpture. It’ll sure be a great source of musical inspiration!

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