About Us

man performing on stage

You see, over many years, I realized that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. And with passion, anyone can take the leap and learn and enjoy music. 

As a musician, there’s always something to work on and to build. Don’t get discouraged if you’re starting from scratch! We all have to start somewhere! Where your level is at doesn’t really matter. Just start now! Grab your favorite instrument! Warm up your voice! There will never be the “perfect time” to start. You will never be “ready”. The secret to getting ahead is getting started!

Growing up in Canada, I would always look for ways to express myself through music whenever I could. 

When I was in my teens, I would spend 4 to 5 hours every day practicing at home, singing and playing my favorite songs. I was quite inexperienced back then, and I was extremely nervous. But when I had a chance to perform. I knew that was where I belonged. And with the incredible – a standing ovation – I knew there and then that music would be my calling.

My Mission On This Site Is to Provide the Best Resources For Your Music Journey.

How Can I Help You with Starting Your Music Journey?

Whether you’re a professional trying to get your first gig or an enthusiast trying to develop your music skills, you’re definitely at the right place!

We’re here to help!

As a new website, there may be things that we’ve missed or haven’t added yet. We are constantly publishing a ton of content. So If you like what we’re doing here at skilledmusic.com, stay tuned and take a look around. 

If you have any questions on getting started with your music career or development – I would love to hear from you.

To countless music opportunities and standing ovations!