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5 Best iPad Mic Stand Mounts in 2022

Looking to buy a good iPad mic stand mount for your live gigs? There’s a whole bunch of models out there in the market to choose from. So here’s a timesaver:

The TACKFORM Tablet Mic Stand Mount is the best all round mount for singers and musicians to use. Its heavy duty build, easy installation and universal tablet fit makes it a great package for live gigs and recording sessions. 

We’re certain the TACKFORM Tablet Mic Stand Mount is going to be the best pick for most people but if you’re looking for more ideas, we’re here to help you further. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 models that are more than worthy of your consideration.

We’ll explain everything you’ll need to know about buying the tablet mic stand mount for your live gigs and recording sessions. They’ll each have their specific pros and cons, which will help you make a more informed decision when choosing your your iPad Mic Stand Mount. 

The Top iPad Mic Stand Mounts at a glance:

Over the past few decades, technology has allowed musicians to have more tools during their gigs at their disposal than ever before. With the creation of the iPad, musicians are able to simplify their gig setups and improve their performances. 

Here’s where the iPad mic stand mount comes in: 

The iPad mic mount allows any musician to easily access all important apps during their gigs. We’ll take a deep dive on the top iPad mic stand mounts in the market and how they’ll improve your live gigs. 

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Why Do You Need a Tablet Mic Stand Mount? 

Over the years, music related apps have grown exponentially as more developers are creating more apps for musicians. Apps for lyrics and sheet music are becoming extremely useful for live gigs and studio recording . 

Singers can use cloud based apps like Evernote or Lyric Pad to consolidate their lyrics. For music sheet apps, Forscore is also very useful for reading and editing music sheets. There are also apps that act as a midi controller or sound mixer that can be used for gigs.

Tablet mic stand mounts can also save space and provide simpler setups.

Have a nice little stage at a bar gig that you play at? Rather than using both a music stand and a mic stand, you can combine both of them together for a clutter-free setup. It also makes interacting with the crowd easier since there’s less in the way. 

Are you a drummer that wants to simplify your rig? Clamp your tablet mic stand mount to any stand and save some space. There are plenty of ways for you to use the tablet mic stand mount for your gigs. It all depends on finding the right mount for your needs. 

How To Pick the Best Tablet Mic Stand Mount For Gigs? 

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All tablet mic stand mounts have their unique methods for attaching to mic stands. Some tablets use a clamp-style design to secure the mount. For gigs, you would be attaching your tablet mount to your mic stand. But you can also clamp it to your desk, at the back of the car seat or even to your spin bike at home! Some tablet mounts can also attach your tablet by mounting on top of the mic stand through it’s top thread.


There are two different types of tablet mic stand mounts on the market. One that fits universal sized tablets and another that is dedicated only to a specific iPad model. We’d recommend choosing the universal tablet mount just because it allows room for changes to your tablet in the future.

If you ever plan to upgrade to a newer tablet, there is always room to adjust and fit your new iPad on the mount. Also, it allows you to accommodate not just for your tablet or iPad, but other devices as well.

At an open jam session, various musicians can use the mount without worrying about tablet compatibility. These mic stand mounts can also fit smartphones which would be handy if a backup device needed to be used.


Choosing the best tablet mic stand mount highly depends on how musicians are going to use the mount for their situation. For travelling musicians, finding something lightweight, compact but durable might be something they are looking for. 

Stationary setups at rehearsal rooms, home or venues can use something heavy duty and larger for a more functional and flexible setup. There are also all-round tablet mic stand mounts that provide a little bit of everything for the everyday musician. 

Durability & Warranty

Durability and warranty are important factors in deciding on which tablet mic stand mount to pick. Especially for those who frequently travel with it. Notably, we left out the cheap tablet stand mounts due to their inconsistent production quality.

Many of those can be extremely fragile and can actually scratch and dent your tablet over long periods of time. If anything does happen to your tablet mic stand mount, it’s important for it to have a good warranty. Most top manufacturers in the market provide quality warranties for their customers. Many of the best brands provide warranties over 2 years with some having lifetime warranties.

What Are The Top iPad/Tablet Mic Stand Mounts?

We’ve searched high and low for the top iPad and Tablet Mic stand mounts. And we’ve narrowed down to 5 products to compare. Have a look through each of the pros and cons to find your best iPad and tablet mic mount.

TACKFORM Tablet Mount for Microphone Stand

The TACKFORM tablet mount is known for its versatility and heavy duty build. Rather than producing a low cost, low quality product, TACKFORM created a tablet mount that can withstand the rigours of everyday stage use. The company chose to make the mount with aluminum alloy, making it the strongest mount on our list. 

It includes a strong aluminum clamp that can be securely attached to mic stands and even flat surfaces. With its 3 way arm extension, you can easily adjust the mount for multiple viewing angles.  

The mount can be rotated 360 degrees for both portrait or landscape use on your tablet. For device compatibility, the mount can accommodate any tablet with a screen size between 7” and 18.4″. So it’ll fit the smallest 7” iPad up to the largest 12.9” iPad Pro. 

The installation process is quite simple too. The mount is made with a spring loaded grip which allows for easy placement for the tablet. The adjustable rubberized grip allows musicians to be able to manually adjust to avoid any buttons on the tablet. It also provides protection from any scratches from the clip.

The TACKFORM mic mount is a solid choice for all musicians.  It’s strong, versatile and can accommodate even the biggest iPad model.  It’s definitely worth the investment.


  • Heavy duty build
  • Adjustable arm extension
  • Fits the iPad Pro 12.9” model
  • Easy installation


  • Price

Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B

‘Hercules’ is true to its name as it’s a brand known for their quality build and long lasting music accessories. They are one of the few manufacturers that provide a lifetime warranty for their tablet mic stand mounts.

This tablet mount features a simple design that does the job. It securely attaches your ipad using it’s one piece clamp to firmly hold it in place.

The mount contains a 360 degree rotator ball that allows for easy adjustments for multiple viewing angles.

The Hercules mount is also extremely portable being only 235 mm (9.25″) by 280 mm (11″) while weighing only 1.1 pounds (17.6 oz). It can easily fold into a nice minimal and compact size, perfect for musicians who frequently travel and are looking for a convenient packing solution.

In addition to the clamp, it also includes a suction cup base for flat surfaces and an “EZ Adapter” that can attach to the top of the microphone stand through either a 3/8″ or 5/8″ thread.

Versatility is a strong point of this tablet and iPad mount. It can fit various tablets between 7” to 12.1”. Musicians will be able to include their outer case while using the mount. But for bigger tablets over the 10” size, you will be able to fit your tablet with it’s outer case as long as the case is not too thick.

This mount provides an easy setup while giving the best value for its price. If you’re looking for something durable and portable, the Hercules mount will be worth your investment.


  • Extremely durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Not made of aluminum alloy
  • Can’t fit the bigger iPad Pro 12.9” Model

ChargerCity Heavy Duty 4-Way Multi Joint Adjust Aluminum Alloy Pole/Bar Music Mic Microphone Stand Clamp Mount

The ChargerCity tablet mic stand mount is a heavy duty mount that stands out with it’s industrial look and it’s multi functional design.

It is made of aluminum alloy and features a 4 way adjustable arm for the perfect viewing angle. The mount clamp can be securely used on any microphone stand and flat surface without any issues.

There are multiple angles to configure the bracket to get the exact view that you want. However, you’ll need to tinker with the arm each time to get the right fit for you. The size of the tablet mount is quite big, so it would be best to use it with a fixed mic setup.

The ChargerCity’s strong spring holder can easily accommodate tablets that are 7 to 12.9”. The holder features a spring-loaded design that makes it easy for singers and musicians to insert or remove their tablet with one hand. The legs of the tablet holder can also be adjusted to ensure any side buttons and ports remain unobstructed.

Ultimately, if you’re in need of a heavy duty clamp that can hold your iPad or tablet and use it on a stationary setup, the ChargerCity Mount would be a great selection.


  • Strong durable build
  • 4 way adjustable clamp
  • Fits the iPad Pro 12.9” Model


  • Needs to be carefully positioned
  • Not as portable as other mounts

IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Universal Mic Stand Support for iPad and Tablets

The iKlip Xpand stands out in portability and ease of use.

It weighs only 0.86 lbs (13.8 oz) with an extremely compact size. Travelling musicians will appreciate it’s simple installation. With it’s portable design, it can easily be folded up or quickly dismantled.

The tablet mount also has a high quality ball joint that allows you to adjust and rotate freely between portrait and landscape mode. It can hold the majority of tablets from 7” to 12.1”. For larger tablets like the iPad pro 12.1”, it will fit but only in portrait mode. In addition, the 12.1 will be the largest size that it’ll fit, so the iPad pro 12.9” will be too big for this mount.

The bracket design allows for adjustment so that buttons and ports can be free from any obstructions. So you don’t have to worry about buttons being covered by the clamp.

The clamp also comes with rubberized touchpoints on each of the corners to protect the tablet from any scratches or scuffs. On the downside, the rubber grip may not hold your tablet if it isn’t securely set in place.

The iKlip Xpand is perfect for those who have tablets and iPads smaller than 12” and are looking for a portable option to use for their gigs.


  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to attach the tablet to the mount
  • Does not obstruct any iPad buttons


  • No extendable arm for wider viewing angle.
  • Only portrait mode for bigger tablets
  • Does not support 12.9” tablets.

K&M Stands 19790 Universal iPad/Tablet PC Holder

The K&M Universal Tablet Mount is designed and produced by German music brand, Konig and Meyer. Its 65+ years experience really shows in this final product on our list. The K&M universal mount provides a premium quality mount that securely adjusts and holds onto your tablet.

The mount can be attached to any microphone stand up to 1.2” diameter.

It provides a nice heft at 2 pounds (32 oz) and can hold tablets from 6″ to 10.1″. Unfortunately bigger tablets that are 12” won’t be able to fit in this tablet holder.

It has an extremely easy to adjust clamp that can be simply pulled upwards to fit your tablet in. The clamp can be opened wide enough to fit protective cases without a problem. It also provides enough grip to alleviate sound vibrations from sliding the tablet off of the mount.

The K&M tablet mount contains an adjustable bracket with felt lining which prevents any slippage or falling when operating in portrait mode

It also has an easy rotator design that allows you to rotate and tilt the tablet without having to loosen anything on the mount.

The K&M line also has a non clamp version which allows you to screw on the mount onto a microphone stand using a 5/8 “ internal thread.

Although the price of the K&M Universal Tablet Mount holder is a little higher than others on the list, it provides an excellent design that simplifies installation of your tablet mic stand mount. It also is the perfect mount for those who want to leave their protective case on while mounting their tablet.


  • Experienced manufacturer
  • Multiple attachment versions
  • Easy to adjust


  • Only for iPads smaller than 12”
  • Price

Our Choice

When it comes to tablet mic stand mounts, there’s a vast array of models and manufacturers that make it difficult to choose from.

When it comes down to choosing your tablet mount, it depends on your situation.

If you are looking for an all round tablet mount, we would recommend the TACKFORM Mic Stand Mount. The mount is built very sturdily and provides secure protection. The setup is not too large and fits a wide range of tablets on the market, including the iPad Pro 12.9”.

For travelling musicians, the Hercules Mic Mount is one of the best mounts to choose. It’s lightweight and extremely portable while providing easy installation for your tablet.

Lastly, for stationary setups in the rehearsal room or at home, the ChargerCity Heavy Duty Mount would be perfect. Because it’s a stationary setup, you won’t have to adjust the arm every time for the perfect angle.

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