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Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Review 2022 – Learn from a Superstar

It’s incredible how a singing course like the ‘Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass’ can be made possible nowadays. It’s extremely rare to find a singing teacher that can provide the insight and experience from one of the greatest pop superstars in the world. There just aren’t any teachers out there with that degree of success available.

However, somehow Masterclass has done it by teaming up with Christina Aguilera and creating an in-depth look into singing and the valuable experiences from the pop singer icon herself.

You might’ve seen Masterclass’s ads on youtube or facebook. ‘Who are they?’ you might ask.

Masterclass has been teaming up with industry leaders with over 70 teachers and counting. Their online courses include a wide range of courses, one of which is about music. In their music and performance field, they have Christina Aguilera, Usher and Herbie Hancock all providing their invaluable experiences and methodology in their courses.

Christina Aguilera, a pop goddess, is giving you an inside look at her techniques and singing secrets in her Masterclass course. To be clear, this isn’t a tell all documentary of her life and story. You’re going to get insight into tons of skills and techniques used by Christina herself.

After purchasing this review and going through the entire course, I can definitely say Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is an extremely well thought out course and is an advantageous resource for singers who are both new to singing or experienced, and are looking to take their skills to the next level.

I’ll be guiding you through this comprehensive, all you need to know review about Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, what the program includes and whether or not it would be right for you.

You can check out Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass here.

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Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Review


With Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, you’ll be getting a deep dive into her singing vocal exercises and onstage tips and tricks. What makes it worthwhile is her personal onstage experience and the lessons she’s faced throughout her professional life. Personal insight alone makes a course valued. Whether you’re a beginner singer or an experienced singer, learning from Christina’s experience and following in her footsteps will be a great investment to your singing journey.

Table of Contents

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Pros

Valuable Experience From an All Class Singer 

There are many great singers who are not able to teach what they do best. Many of them can sing very well, but just don’t know how to break down complicated methods into a simple structure for students to learn. But Christina definitely isn’t one of those teachers. 

Throughout the masterclass, she breaks down the minutiae of singing and lays out her methods step by step. Students will get to hear her personal onstage stories and even get to learn how she approaches new songs. 

I found myself writing down a lot of notes because there are just so many usable tips that I can use for my personal gigs that I won’t find anywhere else. 

christina aguilera masterclass forum

Talk With Other Singers and Ask Questions

What’s really cool about this program is the community that it comes with. There’s a discussion forum at the home page of the course as well as under each video lesson. The home page forum brings together many different singers in the industry sharing their experiences and networking with like-minded singers in the community.

The discussion board underneath each video is a great platform for you to ask any questions you have about the specific topic of the course or share your thoughts with the community.

Having a lively online community is a great way to feel like you’re not learning alone.

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Learn From Christina Aguilera For at an Affordable Price

One of the reasons why online singing lessons are so popular nowadays is the ability to learn from the best without paying a crazy amount. Don’t get me wrong, traditional singing lessons will always be appreciated in a different way. But they’re costly and it’s rare to find good teachers without first having to pay for a class.

So, being able to learn online not only to save costs, but also learning from a grammy award winning singer is amazing!  

When I was younger I took a 1-on-1 singing class for $70 for an hour and that was over 8 years ago! Now, I can learn from one of the best singers for only $90 and get to watch it wherever and whenever I want. What a great time to learn to sing.

High Quality Content From a Reputable Brand

The Masterclass brand has been creating quality content ever since its inception in 2014. They work with the best in the world to create programs that are extremely educational and valuable. Their reputation fully depends on the quality of their programs. So you can rest assured that you’re getting top notch content in this masterclass from the best in the industry. 

Has a 30 day money-back guarantee. 

Taking online singing programs is not a one size fits all endeavour. Sometimes the content or teacher might not resonate with some students. That’s why it’s great that Masterclass provides a 30 day money-back guarantee for those who want a risk-free opportunity to try the course and learn from the best. 

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Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Cons

No Bonus Content

You might say I’m being too picky here, but it would be nice to have some extra content available as a bonus for students. Some courses like Singorama, provide a lot of ebooks and downloadable audio lessons that students can enjoy while on the go. Though a possible reason may be that a streamlined program can keep students focused on important tasks of particular the course rather than risk scattering the focus of the lessons.  

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How The Training is Laid Out

Christina’s Masterclass consists of 23 video lessons. There is a downloadable workbook that contains useful class notes and assignments that Christina insists you fill out throughout the course.

The 23 video lessons include: 

  • Introduction
  • Christina’s Inspiration
  • Warming Up 
  • Protecting Your Voice
  • Range
  • Student Sessions: Pop Style 
  • Student Sessions: Simplify
  • Student Sessions: Rock Style
  • Diction
  • Mastering Vocal Techniques 
  • Playing With Textures And Tones
  • Duets 1: Rehearsal Prep
  • Duets 2: Perfecting Your Performance
  • The Beat
  • Live Microphones
  • Studio Microphones
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Sing It Live
  • Overcoming Mistakes
  • Advice For Artists
  • Self Expression
  • Christina’s Journey
  • Closing

Visit MASTERCLASS to read the full description of the program. 

So what’s included in this program?

christina aguilera singing

The masterclass starts with Christina and her musical inspirations

Christina starts the program off with a welcoming message giving an overview of the entire course. The way she talks to the camera really feels like you’re having a 1 on 1 lesson with her. She shares her musical inspirations and the important lessons that she had to endure to become a professional singer. She also shares the important moments that affected her when she was younger and how those benefited her as a performer. 

It’s important to take in these experiences and ask the same questions yourself. What makes you unique? And how can you use your personal experiences to help grow as a singer? These experiences will become a great source of musical inspiration. It will also help shape your unique singing style and your musical taste. 

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Christina’s personal warm-ups and voice tips. 

This is where we get an inside look at how Christina personally warms up before each show and how she takes care of her voice. She reveals her warm-up secrets and stretches before each concert, live recording and rehearsal. 

It’s extremely important to take care of the body and warm up the muscles in our throats before singing. Regardless of how busy our schedules are, we should definitely do it to keep our voices in top vocal shape. 

christina aguilera singing high notes

Protect your vocal cords. Your voice is an instrument. 

Whether you’re a professional or just a beginner singer, learning how to protect your voice is very important. In this masterclass, Christina talks about effective ways to maintain your singing voice and things around you that could harm your voice that you should be aware of. 

For example, Christina talks about how certain places are extremely dry to sing at. For her to combat this, she uses remedies like honey, gum and throat sprays to hydrate her voice.

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Learn how Christina expands her vocal range

In this section, Christina reveals her secrets for hitting those insanely high notes and building her vocal range. She talks about the techniques she uses and how she prepares as she sings those notes. 

One of the biggest tips I took from this section was how to mentally prepare before singing high notes. Rather than focusing on the high note to be the most challenging, I can approach the note before as the ‘main note’ and hit that with confidence. This can mentally prepare my mind to remove any ‘pressures’ and stress of singing the high note.

Also in this course, she talks about how she prepares her high notes by using a pitch pipe to get the right key. A lot of singers sing in keys that don’t follow with their pitch range. So when they do sing outside the range, they strain their voice and blow out their cords. It’s important to know your range and how to slowly expand your range. 

christina aguilera masterclass range finder

There’s also a useful range finder in the course where you can test and see what your range is to safely sing within your comfort zone. 

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Christina teaches important techniques using some of her most popular songs!

One of the best parts of having Christina as your Masterclass coach is the ability to learn her song from the singer herself. In this section, Christina uses her songs to break down certain techniques like runs, emotional delivery, vibrato, textures and tone. It’s quite dynamic watching her sing her songs and dissecting the parts as well as what goes into her mind when performing. 

christina aguilera masterclass duet

Learn how to prepare for duets and live performances. 

One of the best parts of singing is collaborating and performing with other singers. Christina discusses how to prepare with your partner and work with them onstage. Singing with a partner isn’t always easy. Every singer has different habits and methods to approach a song. So having a lesson around this topic is important. 

Make the song your own by working with the rhythm.

One of the most important skills a singer must learn is how to sing on beat. Every song has a different tempo, and being able to sing to different tempos and understanding how to sing to the tempo is extremely important.  Christina talks about how to use your inner rhythm to understand the songs beat. She also demonstrates how to use the beat and change it up to reinvent the song and make it your own. 

christina aguilera works mic

Mic levels are important. Master your microphone like Christina 

How to use a microphone for live vocals and studio recording is one of the least covered topics by other singing programs. Many coaches out there don’t have the same pedigree as Christina. This is where her background really shines in the course. Being able to learn how to use the microphone from Christina is such a treat because she goes into depth about subtle tricks that enhances her sound and also helps look good on stage. 

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Every singer gets performance anxiety

Singing in front of an audience, no matter how many people, can be a scary thing. The bigger the stage, the more pressure one usually feels. Not only do regular singers feel anxiety, even professionals do as well, including Christina! 

In this lesson, she talks about her personal methods to deal with stress and centering her nerves before a show. If those tips can calm her down for singing in front of 100,000 people, it’ll definitely work when singing for a small audience!

Learn how to master your live performance 

Near the final sections of this program, you’ll get to learn how to setup and prepare for a live performance. Engaging the audience is very important and as a singer, it’s your job to perform and entertain the audience no matter what the size is. 

Christina talks about things you can do to engage with the audience through a case study with one of her songs. For advanced singers, this lesson will be a great ‘golden nugget’ to take away and use it for your next performance. 

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Christina’s journey and her important lessons

At the end of the masterclass, Christina talks about the most important lessons she learned along the way and all the ups and downs that she’s experienced in her career. I found this section incredibly important for singers who are looking to pursue singing as a professional career choice. It’s a long and bumpy road, and being able to learn from her mistakes and avoid the pitfalls is crucial in “making it” in the music industry. 

If you want more information about becoming a professional singer, I’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to monetize your vocals where you can check out here. 

christina aguilera masterclass review workbook

Class Workbook

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass program includes an important workbook that students should use to supplement with the video program. This workbook really helps with putting together all important notes in one space. By taking notes in this workbook, you can actively engage with the course and get more out of her teachings. 

The assignments in the workbook also help you stay on track and help you get closer to your goals. Having a schedule to follow and a written format to review will help you achieve your successful singing dreams faster!

Is Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Worth it?… Does it Really Work?

After going through the program, I can say it’s definitely worth it! 

This program is exceptionally unique because it allows you to learn from one of the best in the industry. Every video lesson is something incredibly useful and applicable to singers at any level. 

Can you imagine having Christina Aguilera as your personal coach to guide you through your singing journey? Not only does she go through technical aspects of singing, she also goes through her mental challenges, which she can provide a unique perspective on because of her success. 

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass price

Christina’s masterclass is priced at $90 for a single class and $180 a year for an all-access pass to the entire library of Masterclass. 

To have 23 step by step lessons from Christina Aguilera for an inexpensive price is pretty awesome. Many singing coaches who don’t have the same reign as her charge more than $90. And even some charge more than the $180 for the all-access cost!

Not forgetting, you can watch and go through the lessons for as many times you want which really makes it a great deal. I found that just being able to get Christina’s perspectives and personal advice throughout the program is just priceless. 

However, if you’re working with a smaller budget, you can check out the 30 Day Singer or Singorama 2.0 which gives you your bang for the buck!

christina aguilera voice technique

Who is Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass best for?

Singers who are looking to become a professional singer

Carving out a singing career is a challenging journey for all aspiring singers. You must take your performance skills to the next level and what better way than to learn from one of the best? 

In this program, you’ll learn all the important vocal skills that professionals use, as well as the onstage tips that will help you engage strongly with your audience. I believe to be a professional, you must learn from a professional. Christina Aguilera is one of the best out there. 

A beginner singer looking to avoid mistakes

Regardless of what stage you’re singing journey is at, there are common mistakes that sometimes singers will eventually make whether it’s vocal or mental mistakes. In this program, Christina recalls a lot of her personal difficulties and shares it in her lessons. 

Not learning from her mistakes is the biggest mistake! 

Learn from her wisdom and guidance and avoid all the obstacles that she had to face. 

Save money on their singing lessons but still get valuable advice from a coach. 

Many students pay for performance coaches that are extremely expensive. I personally paid for a performance coach that cost $100+ for an one hour lesson. It also wasn’t a one off payment since I needed multiple lessons to improve on my singing and performance techniques. 

For this program, you only need to pay a one time fee for 23 lessons! That’s great value. 

I wish I had this masterclass program when I first started out so I could’ve saved myself hundreds of dollars. 

Why you should or shouldn’t choose this course.

Is this class for everyone one? Definitely not. Some learners might not resonate with Christina as their teacher. That’s totally normal. Also not all the lessons in the program will resonate with all types of students because everyone will be at different stages in their journey. 

But having a superstar like Christina teaching you the in’s and out’s of singing and live performance is such a valuable opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up. If a professional like Christina is using these lessons & techniques in her own performances, then think about how much it can help you with yours. 

And with all the wisdom and valuable tips you’re getting from her, at such a fair price, it’s really a golden opportunity to learn from the best without hurting your wallet too much. 

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