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How Much Do Church Singers Get Paid?

There are many ways to serve in a church and, depending on the church, one of the best ways to help out is by doing just that. Many masses and services are always looking for singers to join their choir so they can perform hymns and carols. As well as lead residents into songs. Depending on your area, the rate can vary from church to church. So how much do church singers get paid? 

Many churches hire singers on a part-time basis. At a large church, with over 4 services, a singer might be able to earn $37,000 per year while at a smaller church, with the same amount of services, might be $26,000 a year depending on their experience and geographical area. 

Income and Qualifications

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2018, the hourly wage for singers is $ 37.51. However this figure does not take into account the employer. Musicians hired by Religious organizations can earn an average wage of $23.94 an hour. One thing to take note of is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide annual salaries statistics for church singers due to the fluctuating nature for singers. 

With regards to qualifications, becoming a church singer does not require a post secondary degree. However it is important that the singer has music and ear training and the ability to read music. Other essential qualities include strong interpersonal skills, musical talent and stage experience. 

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Contributing Factors

Singers at a Church typically earn more money as they gain more experience. For example, church singers who have been singing for a longer period of time and can sing lead will earn more than another singer with less experience and no lead experience. The size of the church does play a great factor on how much a church singer can earn. Large churches normally have larger donations and resources so they have the means to pay a higher salary for their choir. 

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Income by Region

The geography of the church also contributes to the overall wage. These are the top paying states for this occupation:

Top paying States for this occupation:

State EmploymentHourly Mean Wage
1) Pennsylvania$24.48
2) District of Columbia$20.50
3) Washington$20.19
4) Alabama$19.92
5) Arizona$19.57

Here are the 5 states with the highest employment level for Church Singers:

States with the highest employment level:

State EmploymentEmployment per thousand jobs Location quotient
1) California1,000
2) Florida980
3) New York790
4) Oregon690
5) Pennsylvania640

Job Outlook

As with many music related employment, singing jobs are closely correlated with the state of the current economy. Churches heavily rely on donations and charity funds from the community to operate. Increases in attendance to the services can boost the number of services in the church, which can provide more opportunities for singers and musicians to perform. 

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Final Thoughts

Becoming a singer at your church can be a great additional income for those who are looking for ways to provide a service as well those who are already attending church. To find job opportunities, go to your local church and ask if there are any openings in their choir available. You can also network within your local community and look at the local classifieds section for more. 

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