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How to Become a Wedding Singer: A Beginner’s Guide

Finding wedding singing jobs is a really good way to make some additional income as a professional singer. As a wedding singer, your job is to play music for either the wedding ceremony, wedding receptions and/or wedding banquets. Depending on the couples wishes, it could be any of those festivities. If you feel comfortable with public speaking, you can also take up the gig as the Master of Ceremony for the event, guiding the flow of the wedding and setting a nice tone for the entire wedding.

The best part of becoming a wedding singer is that you don’t require any specific training. The only type of training that you’ll need is vocal training and working on your singing techniques. However, because a wedding event is such an important day for the client, there are a lot of different responsibilities that comes with it.

Prepare your Wedding Demos

If you want to become a professional wedding singer, it’s extremely important to have something that you can give to your prospective clients. This is where your singer’s pack comes in. A singer’s pack is where you have all the necessary write-ups and videos about yourself as a professional singer.

You should have all your videos prepped, organized and ready to go. Your singer’s website should be up and running and your biography proofread and prepared. These are the first things that prospective clients and agents look at when initially cutting down their list of wedding singers.

You can use platforms like Bandzoogle to create a professional looking website for you and your band. Bandzoogle is great for those who don’t know coding and need to make a website for themselves. They use a simple drag-and-drop editor so you can easily customize your pages.

Bandzoogle will help you build your website as a singer

The wedding singing industry is a very competitive space. Practically anybody can apply to sing at someone’s wedding. The best way to distance yourself from the pack and stand out is to make sure your video demos are of good quality and ready to be sent out.

If your videos aren’t up to snuff, you’ll have to make new videos before applying. It’s better to apply with good videos the first time because once your video is out there, the clients won’t be able to unsee it. So make sure everything you send out is high quality and top-notch.

If you want to learn more about singing as a career, you can read my handy guide: How to Become A Professional Singer. You’ll learn a bunch of ways to monetize the power of your voice!

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Do Your Research

Finding available wedding jobs require a bit of work up front. It’s not too difficult, but it does need some research on your part. To find wedding gigs, you’ll need to find out who are the top wedding band agencies and the wedding planners in your area.

Look for the “Contact Us” page and send them a message introducing yourself and how you would like to sing as a wedding singer. You can also look at your local classifieds and see if there are any couples that are getting married in the upcoming year.

You can send a message similar to this:

Wedding Planner/Agency:

“Hi my name is __________. And I’m a wedding singer based in (your city). I came across your wedding company and would like to see if you’re looking for a wedding singer? Here are my video demos and biography. I would love to sit down and meet up to talk about any potential wedding events we can do. Thanks! – Name.”

If it’s a couple:

“Hi my name is __________. And I’m a wedding singer based in (your city). I came across the classified section and saw that you’re looking for a wedding singer? Here are my video demos and biography. I would love to sit down and meet up to talk about how my music can help set the tone with your wedding. Thanks! – Name.”

Network & Collaboration

Once you’ve sent out your message and received a message back. You’re almost there! All you need to do now is to meet up with them and learn more about what they’re looking for in their wedding. Is it a themed wedding? Are there songs that they would like to hear from a specific era or singer?

Ask these questions before trying to sell yourself to them. Remember, they’ve already seen your video demo and decided to still meet up with you. So they already know how your singing performance is like. What they want to know is how will your songs fit their wedding.

If you’re able to sing the songs that they want in their wedding, and give them good suggestions to fit their theme/ambiance, your chances of getting the wedding gig increases a lot.

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Research & Learn Wedding Songs

For the most part, songs are quite common amongst different weddings. Most wedding songs are going to be the top pop songs that you’ll hear on the radio.

You’ll have to do some research and find out the top wedding songs. Depending on the age of the couple, they might enjoy songs from different eras so you’ll have to do your research.

If you commonly sing a certain genre and they ask for a whole other genre, you’re going to have to learn a new style to cater to their request.

For example, if you commonly sing pop but they want some jazz songs during the banquet, you’ll have to do your research, take some lessons on how to sing jazz, and find out how to learn the songs quickly.

It’s important to always remember that this is the client’s wedding. You’ll have to be as flexible as you can in accompanying their requests. You’ll find that the more wedding gigs you do, the more versatile you’ll have to be.

If you want to learn what kind of songs you should sing at a wedding, check out my comprehensive list in my article : 101 Wedding Songs For Singers That’ll Get The Crowd Cheering. You’re bound to find something for your gig there!

Be professional

One of the most common reasons why singers don’t get hired for wedding gigs is because they’re not professional. So make sure that you act professionally at all times! Make sure you’re early to gigs so that you can prepare everything properly. Treat all the guests nicely and courteously. These tips might seem like it’s common sense but you’d be surprised at the number of singers who don’t follow these rules.

Also, your attitude is very important. As with all shows, there are a lot of variables that can affect a performance. The microphone might suddenly stop working, you might not be able to hear yourself clearly or the sound technician might not get your EQ properly.

No matter what issue pops up, the wedding singer must be calm and collected. Have a great attitude. Solve the problem. Learn for next time. As they say, the show must go on!

Market yourself

During your wedding gig, you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet and greet with other guests. This is the perfect time to network and market yourself to them for any potential gigs in the future. Always remember to bring business cards.

You can also ask satisfied clients for reviews. Ask them to give you reviews on your Facebook page. This will build social proof for your next potential wedding clients. If you haven’t set that up, get it set up quickly!

Aim for Highest quality

No matter how many gigs you get under your belt, don’t forget it’s all about providing the best quality and service for the newly-weds. What’s really helpful is that wedding gigs are typically on the weekends so you can slowly build up your wedding singer career while you simultaneously do other jobs.

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