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Singorama 2.0 Review – Is it Worth Your Money in 2023?

After seeing Singorama in the market for many years, they’ve finally updated their course! I always get excited when online singing programs bring in new material to improve their course.

When I was first introduced to Singorama v1, I was impressed with how much content they provided in the course. Although the interface and layout appeared outdated, the content was good.

The course creator, Melanie, really did a great job creating this program and placing the proper techniques required for singers to learn and practice.

There were a lot of techniques that I found useful to add to my performances.

So when I signed up for Singorama 2.0 and logged in to the membership area, I was amazed at the modern interface and navigation. The content remains just as good as before. And the course added quite a lot of bonus content and ebooks for students.

In this review, I’ll be going in-depth about Singorama 2.0 and everything there is to know about the course. Also, I’ll talk about how this course can help you to improve your singing.

Let’s begin!

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Singorama 2.0 Review


Singorama 2.0 is a great learning platform for beginner and intermediate singers looking to improve their vocal skills. They provide a lot of great resources in their course including all necessary ebooks, audio files and softwares. Many of the files are downloadable, making it easy to take on the road. At a price point of $67, it really makes it a great value-for-money resource for singers.

Table of Contents

singorama 2.0- homepage

Singorama 2.0 Pros

First we’ll talk about the pros of Singorama 2.0. And later, we’ll discuss some of the cons.

Free mini singing course to start with

It’s always important to have a starting point for beginners who are looking to learn singing. In Singorama, they have a free mini course for those who need guidance on where to begin. The freebie course focuses on building a solid foundation in your singing techniques like vocal tone, pitch, breathing and vocal warmups.

It’s important to build a solid foundation first before going into the more difficult concepts. This mini course is a great starter to learn some basics before learning more difficult singing techniques.

Covers a wide range of Singing topics

Going through the lessons, I liked the variety of topics that they teach about. Not only did Singorama teach singing fundamentals like vocal techniques, breathing and warmups. But they also teach content that very few instructors would include in their course, such as learning how to avoid anxiety, songwriting, and how to correct negative habits.

These crucial topics often happen but are overlooked, which I highly appreciate them for including.

Lots of bonus content

Singorama provides lots of value for their students by including some really cool bonuses in their course. Bonuses like their ‘Pitch Perfect Pro’ software and ‘mini recording studio’ software can really help beginner students listen to themselves and work on their weaknesses. The free music theory game is also a great additional resource for those who want to learn how to cite read.

singorama review ebook

Lots of downloadable content

Almost all the files are downloadable in the membership area which is great for those who travel quite often and have limited access to the internet. The written content is formatted into ebooks where you can read them on your smartphone or ebook reader. If you’re like me, who enjoys singing in the car, you’ll definitely like this option.

Inexpensive price

Back when they had Singorama version 1, they sold a hardcopy of the course at $297. Which I thought was quite pricey at the time. This time around, they lowered their price by making Singorama an online course exclusively.

The price is now lowered to $67.

I honestly think this is a great value for what you get. You can even download the content to your phone and computer. They definitely could’ve raised the price higher or charged a monthly price for the quality of their program. The content is really thorough and more than worthy at $67.

60 day money back guarantee

In addition to their inexpensive pricing, they also include a 100% 60 day money back guarantee which is awesome for any new students trying the program out. It really makes this course a no risk opportunity for those who are interested in improving their singing skills.

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Singorama 2.0 Cons

No video content

Typically, I enjoy video content more than audio content since I know I’m more of a visual learner. I like to see how the instructor is performing focusing on specific techniques. I like to imitate them as closely as I can.

But when I tried the audio lessons from the program, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Although I am a visual learner, I realized that learning singing aurally can be great for things like tone, pitch, intervals and songs. It makes it easier to understand the concepts when the audio files are high quality and every nuance is picked up by the microphone.

Navigation needs some time to get used to

Due to the sheer amount of content included in the program, I felt it took a little while to get used to moving around the membership area. There’s so many bonuses, softwares and ebooks that made me want to try them all right away.

I found the best way to get around this is just focus on the main page I’m on and stay focused on the lessons in front of me rather than getting ahead of myself and wanting to listen to and try everything.

singorama 2.0 - introduction

How The Training is Laid Out

The lessons are split out into 6 sections:

  • Getting started as a singer is where you get to learn more about your own voice and find out your strengths and weaknesses. This is the baseline from where you start.
  • Vocal technique is where you can start learning the singing fundamentals and techniques. You will also learn how to extend your vocal range here.
  • Technical stuff is the section where you learn different technical elements that go into a piece of music and rhythm. 
  • Singing style is where you’ll learn how to mold your voice into specific singing styles and harmony.
  • Learning entire songs teaches how to identify the meaning of a song and how to present that to the audience
  • Your future as a singer is basically a “tips and tricks” section where it talks about the common challenges that singers face and solutions to fix/avoid them. 

Each of these sections have high quality audio lessons that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or computer. There’s also a Singorama workbook which you can use alongside the audio lessons. I found audio tracks are at a good length ranging from 10 to 30 min on average. 

singorama getting started as a singer

Getting started as a singer

In this section you’ll be going through the overview of the course and learn how you can use this course to your advantage. You’ll also be learning warm up techniques and how to strengthen your voice. And to finish the section, you’ll be having lessons on proper breathing techniques and correct singing posture. 

If you’re a total beginner, you’ll definitely have a clearer picture of your strengths and weaknesses here. This section will give you a good idea on what you need to work on throughout the course. 

I personally did enjoy the posture exercises that were taught here. I found the exercises helped improve my posture onstage which also positively affected my breathing and vocal control.

singorama 2.0 vocal techniques

Vocal technique

This section is where you gain a better understanding of what makes a good quality tone and how to achieve that through various vocal techniques.  They teach how to sing on pitch and how to sing in chest and head voice. Finally this section ends with how to extend your current singing range and eliminate bad singing habits. 

It’s definitely important to go over this section a few times because there’s a lot of information which will need some time to sink in.

singorama 2.0 technical stuff

Technical stuff

This part of the program is where singers can learn some basic music theory and how to read music. You’ll learn how to tell the difference between major and minor sounds and also learn what Solfege is all about and how to use it. 

Although music theory can sound boring, it’s important to learn the relationship between notes and how it all comes together. You’ll definitely need to spend some time going through this section again because the content is quite dense. 

This section is particularly important for those who often read music like in a choir or a band. Or someone learning or wanting to learn how to harmonize. 

Mastering this section can really give you an edge over other singers and give a big help in your training. 

singorama 2.0 singing style

Singing style

This fourth section is all about the different types of voices and understanding how to use your voice to sing in different singing styles. Here is where it starts to bring together all the techniques and lessons in the previous lessons, and use it in a song. 

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what your favorite tunes sound like and how to properly sing them. 

In this course, they created a few original songs in different genres for you to sing and practice to. Learning all these styles will be useful in knowing how to recreate the techniques for these genres. 

singorama 2.0 learn entire songs

Learning entire songs

This section of the course is all about dissecting and analyzing the meaning of the song and how to use that to make an impact on the audience. This is where the fun part begins. You’ll use practical examples provided in the program and apply the concepts of tones, emotions and lyrics to songs you’ve never heard or sung before. 

singorama 2.0 your future as a singer

Your future as a singer

After you have learned all the fundamentals in the 5 previous lessons,you’ll learn how to combine them all together and showcase your vocals! You’ll learn tips about live performance, how to ace your auditions, songwriting and singing with a band. You also learn about topics that aren’t widely talked about like performance anxiety, and facing stage fright. 

Additional Bonuses and Softwares

On top of all of the essential lessons and fundamental content, Singorama 2.0 includes many bonuses in their program. I really found their ebooks, original songs, software and recommended tools quite useful. They’re definitely a good complementary piece to any singer looking to master their voice. 

Singorama also includes specialized vocal exercises that focus on different areas which includes vocal warmups, strengthening the voice, extending your vocal range and interval training for singers. I really liked the voice strengthening practice as it’s a good exercise for me to keep my singing sharp on days where I don’t have performances. 

A cool add-on to the program are the original songs that are included into the course. Singorama have written original songs to help students learn the melody and harmony as well as to practice with the instrumental backing tracks. It comes in different genre types that allows students to experiment with a wide range of music styles. 

It’s also important for students to apply all the fundamentals and skills that they’ve learned into a real song. The original songs are included in separate tracks of the vocals, the instrumental version and the full mix for students to download and learn.

singorama mini recording studio

The mini recording studio is also a nice and simple little tool where you can record yourself while you sing. You can later listen to yourself and slowly analyze each part of your singing. 

singorama review pitch training

Another special software that Singorama includes is their pitch training software called “Perfect Your Pitch”. Singers will find this useful for training their pitch accuracy. 

singorama 2.0 workbook cover

They also include a comprehensive workbook to accompany each vocal lesson as you work your way through the audio recordings. The workbook is great for taking notes and having something to review when on the go.

There are also additional resources including a music theory learning game, a metronome to practice singing with the right rhythm and a scheduling tool for organizing your practice time. 

superior songwriting review

Superior Songwriting

When I purchased the Singorama program, they offered a Superior Songwriting module to add on to the course. It was only $29 and I wanted to work on my songwriting skills. So I decided to try it out. 

In this course, it comes with a 100 page downloadable ebook on songwriting as well as audio tracks to listen to on the road. 

The course teaches how to write a song in a well-structured way, and how to create a good “hook” to make the song more catchy. It also teaches how to write, find your own style and how to reach the masses by marketing and networking with people. 

Overall, I think this add-on is useful for beginners who want to get into songwriting as well. I think it’s a great introductory resource and the price isn’t too high for such a dense ebook. 

It’ll definitely take some time to get through it fully.

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Is Singorama 2.0 Worth it?… Does it Really Work?

Singorama 2.0 is as complete a singing program as you’ll find on the market. It goes through all the important singing fundamentals that singers will need to learn. It teaches the essential music theory that singers need to know without getting too boring. It also covers how to learn different music styles and apply the fundamentals into different songs. 

I think being an audio based singing program shouldn’t deter you from trying out Singorama. If you’re a total beginner looking into a comprehensive course on singing, Singorama is ideal for you. 

If you’re an advanced singer looking to further your vocal skills in genre-related areas, I wouldn’t recommend this course. Instead, the 30 Day Singer would be more suitable for you.

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The Singorama 2.0 Price

The Singorama program is $67 for lifetime membership to their online digital course. The price is definitely inexpensive compared to other singing programs and traditional vocal lessons. 

This program can serve as a great singing resource if you’re looking to learn how to sing properly. It includes all the essential singing lessons in one place which will save you time from watching different singing videos from all over the internet. 

I also like how they have a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.

This means you can give it a try for 60 days and if you don’t think it’s worth it, you’ll get a full refund. Once you are inside the membership area, and start checking out the lessons, you will see why so many people don’t cancel their membership after 60 days.

Final Thoughts on Singorama 2.0

Singorama is a well executed, comprehensive and easy-to-follow singing course that really aims to help beginner and intermediate singers at improving their vocal techniques. 

Whether you’re looking to find a new hobby, or a singer looking to take it to the next level, Singorama 2.0 can help you on your journey to mastering your voice. 

I’m a huge fan of the price and I think they could’ve charged much higher for what they provide. There’s a lot of bonus content included which makes it a great deal. 

If you are entirely new to singing and are interested in learning some singing basics first, I would first check out their free mini online course first and learn more about it. 

If you’ve already started learning singing and need an extra boost or if you’ve been singing for a while and want to get started again, then take a look at the program and see what fundamentals you need to work on. 

You can check out Singorama 2.0 here!


Do I need any prior singing experience?

Definitely not! The Singorama program is perfect for beginners who are looking for a resource to learn singing online. They use audio lessons in a step by step format, so you learn and practice on your singing abilities regardless of your current level. 

Will this course work for my 8 year old daughter?

Yes, this program is designed quite simple and easy to understand. The vocabulary isn’t too difficult and the vocal exercises should be suitable for that age range. 

I currently have a vocal coach. Is Singorama still worth investing in?

Yes it is! With all the additional bonuses and downloadable vocal lessons, I think it’s a great addition to any singing program. 

How much does it cost, and how do I get it?

It used to cost $297 for the hard copy, but now Singorama only sells digital copies which helps lower the price. It only costs $67 at the time of posting this review. 

How much time should I dedicate to be successful?

The audio lessons in this course are around 10-30 mins depending on the topic and exercises. I would recommend that you spend about 10-15 min at the beginning and slowly increase your practice time until you get to 25-30 min a day to see significant results. 

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