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Superior Singing Method Review – Pro, Cons & Alternatives

Superior Singing Method is among the favourable singing courses out in the market today. It all started from Aaron Anastasi’s budding Youtube channel “Superior Singing Method,” which provides insightful singing techniques and tips for singers and enthusiasts alike. 

The biggest question is: Is Superior Singing Method worth the money? And how does it compare with other courses in the market? 

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at Superior Singing Method and whether or not you should buy this online singing program. 

Let’s begin! 


Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method has many useful singing exercises for beginner singers. Still, the online singing program lacks variety compared to many other singing courses out there as most of the course focuses just on vocal exercises. It would also be nice to see more in-depth informational content regarding performance techniques and advanced singing methods for intermediate and advanced singers. 

Table of Contents

Superior Singing Method Pros:

Good step-by-step approach

Learning how to sing requires so many different skills to build off each other. If you were to start with advanced exercises unknowingly, not only will you not see any improvement, but there’s a higher chance of damaging your vocal cords too. 

In Superior Singing Method, Aaron Anastasi structures the eight-week training program using six lessons a week with one rest day each week. Each module builds off the skills of one another, and many instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow. 

Downloadable content for practicing

One of the benefits of an online singing program is that you’re able to practice everywhere you go without needing to carry any instruments or gear. So having the vocal exercises available for download is a massive plus for those who want to practice anywhere they go or practice without using up their internet data. 

I find that doing vocal exercises while driving is an ideal place to practice because of how flexible it is. Sometimes life can get in the way, and being able to squeeze in some time between commutes can help with sticking to the schedule.

Also, for beginner singers who don’t want to be heard while they’re practicing, having that extra space to sing away from people can be beneficial. 

Significant improvement from the old recordings

The Superior Singing Method has been around for quite a few years now. In the course’s early years, the video quality was on par with the standard of those days. However, in recent years, the video quality stayed the same and didn’t keep up with the qualities of other newer and more updated singing program videos. 

So now, it’s good to see that Aaron took the time to revamp the program with better video production to follow current trends.  

Also, his on-screen confidence and diction have improved a lot due to the experience he gained through the hundreds of Youtube videos he published over the years. You can tell he feels much more poised in front of the camera compared to the older version of his program, which helps give his students more assurance and guidance.

Strong Mindset Guidance

Throughout the course, Aaron teaches how to have a better mindset when learning how to sing. He mentions that singing is 40% physical, while 60% is mental. And I entirely agree with this number because becoming a good singer comes down to having a solid mindset.

Being able to understand the mental challenges with learning something difficult like singing is a huge part of growing and improving your singing voice. Trying to hit those high notes perfectly and following through with the vocal exercises can seem impossible at first. So having a coach to guide you through the mental side of learning is beneficial.  

Superior Singing Method Cons

The course only focuses on vocal exercises

My biggest issue with the Superior Singing Method program is that there’s too much focus on vocal exercises and nothing else. Over the years, there have been so many good singing programs that have been released. Many of them offer a lot of valuable training dedicated to not only vocal exercises, but also other essential information that singers need to know how to use. 

There’s a lot that goes into singing, like learning how to implement vocal techniques in a song and performing songs in front of people properly. I feel a lot of this information is missing. 

Learning how to sing is like learning how to play a sport. Doing all the exercises helps, but it’s also essential to know how to play the sport as well and knowing the rules and techniques when you play the sport. 

So leaving out necessary training like that feels like the course isn’t fully complete. Especially when compared to other programs out in the market right now. 

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How The Training is Laid Out

The Superior Singing Method program is for eight weeks of training. There are eight modules in total. Each module is for one week, and you’re required to follow the lessons six times a week, with one day of rest per week. Each day Aaron teaches a new vocal exercise to use, and he slowly adds a task to your regimen.

What I like about this online singing program is the layout and how easy it is to navigate around the modules. Simply click on the module of the day that you’re supposed to practice, and once it’s completed, the program will give you a checkmark to show that it’s finished. Its simplicity lends well to those who need a straightforward guide to reach their singing goals. 


Exercises for both male and female singers

Each module has a high-quality video tutorial on how to perform these techniques. Although Aaron doesn’t go through each exercise with you in the video, he does give you important tips and theory behind each activity. 

The vocal exercises are downloadable in an mp3 format, and they’re available for both male and female vocal ranges. The recordings have a short guide from Aaron before changing to only the piano scales, which you’ll then have to sing with. 

The Superior Singing Method also includes three bonus modules at the end. 

Module Breakdown of Superior Singing Method:

Module 1: Warm Up Exercises

Day 1: Humming
Day 2: Lip Rolls – 5 Tone Scale
Day 3: Mum – Octave And A Half Scale
Day 4: Nay Nays
Day 5: Ooo – On An Octave
Day 6: Recap
Day 7: Vocal Rest

The first module is an introduction to the course. It focuses on the critical vocal warm-ups that will help you build the foundation for the later modules. 

You must go through each video one by one and in order instead of jumping around the program. That way, your voice will slowly build the vocal stamina needed and practice the correct techniques for the later lessons. 

The lessons are accumulative. So every day, there’s going to be more and more required from you until you reach your rest day. 

Depending on your level of singing, some of the lessons in the Superior Singing Method may seem easy for you. But if you’re starting for the first time, it’s vital to stick to the ‘1 lesson a day’ schedule to keep your voice feeling energetic instead of fatigued. 

Warming up is an essential habit to create before singing. I find some of these vocal warm-ups to be useful in relaxing and “waking up” the muscles and vocal cords before my performances. So I recommend you follow these techniques closely and consistently. 

Module 2 – Breath Management And Diaphragm Breathing 

Day 1: 5 Finger Candle Exercise
Day 2: Hmm Hah Aah
Day 3: Ee Ee Hey Hey
Day 4: Kk Ka Gg Go
Day 5: Lip Roll Slide
Day 6: Ee Ee Hey Hey

In the second module of the Superior Singing Method, Aaron teaches how to control and manage your breath while you’re singing. Knowing how to use your breath correctly is one of the most important skills to know as a singer. It helps control and regulates the air, which affects the resonance and gives the voice the support it needs. 

Throughout the module, Aaron introduces six new breathing exercises that assist with building the required muscle memory to help with your singing. He also teaches the importance of posture, pacing the breath, and how to manage breathing from the diaphragm. 

Just like the previous module, you should stick to the vocal schedule given and not stray off the path. This way, your body can adequately build up its air capacity and pressure control. 

Module 3- Vocal Tone

Day 1: Nasality 
Day 2: Nair Nair Nair
Day 3: Oh Octave Jump
Day 4: Tips And Techniques
Day 5: Enunciation
Day 6: Recap

In the third week, Aaron introduces vocal tone and how nasality affects the overall sound in your singing voice. When beginners first learn how to sing, vocal tones usually aren’t developed. So having a module all about building your unique vocal sound is quite useful. 

With the new exercises introduced in this module, you will learn different techniques to manipulate and improve your tone. You’ll start with learning about how to use the soft palate the correct way so you can avoid your tone sounding harsh and abrasive. You’ll also learn how to use the jaw effectively to build resonance and the physiological changes that help with developing your vocal tone. 

Module 4: Pitch

Day 1: Matching Pitch
Day 2: Aah Hey Hah
Day 3: The Bent Flame
Day 4: Way-Wee Air-Ear Red-Rid
Day 5: The Lip Roll Slide
Day 6: Recap

Developing your singing pitch is an integral skill with becoming a better singer. Singing too sharp or flat will turn off an audience faster than a speeding bullet. So if you find that you’re a little “pitchy,” this is the lesson that can help. 

In this module, you will learn how to adjust the shape of your mouth to sing various phrases so you can accurately hit each note. Aaron will also teach you how to change the vowel sounds of the lyrics to reach those higher notes in a much easier way. 

I found this section helpful because a lot of singers think that to hit those high notes, there needs to be significant drastic changes in the way they sing. In fact, small effective changes can make a big difference in improving one’s technique and sound. So just adjusting the mouth for certain vowel sounds can help with reaching the higher registers.

Module 5: Resonance And Singing With Power

Day 1: Fee Bee Kee Bee Fee
Day 2: Tips And Techniques
Day 3: Tongue Trills
Day 4: A E I O U
Day 5: Ga Ga – Octave Scale
Day 6: Recap

In module 5 of Superior Singing Method, Aaron teaches you how to create more resonance without forcefully pushing your voice; You’ll also learn the different ways to use your tongue to help project your sound correctly. Singing powerfully isn’t just about yelling louder and turning up the volume in your voice. Instead, it’s about knowing how to use muscles in your throat to help you resonate with your sound effectively.

There are a few new vocal exercises introduced in this module. As usual, some activities can be quite tricky and also strange when starting out. Still, Aaron does a good job explaining the exercises in-depth and the reasoning behind these techniques. 

Module 6: The Mix Voice And How To Sing Higher Notes

Day 1: Tee Tee Tee
Day 2: The “Ong” Slide
Day 3: The Lip Roll Scale – Octave And A Half
Day 4: Ah Octave Descend
Day 5: “Boowhip”
Day 6: Recap

The mix voice is an essential vocal register to learn if you want to sing those high notes without straining your voice. Learning how to use the mix voice is one of the most popular lessons for any online singing course because once you’ve learned this skill, singing at the upper registers will sound much better and feel much smoother.

So in Module 6, Aaron goes in-depth with the theory behind mix voice, how to properly use mix voice to sing, and the different techniques to skillfully learn this important voice register. 

Singing in a mixed voice might seem difficult at first because of how new it might feel about using this voice register. You’ll need to be familiar and confident with most of the vocal exercises taught in the previous modules to sing with a mixed voice effectively.

It’s crucial to stick with the steps right from the beginning of the singing program and not jump to later modules. If you follow the steps properly, your voice will adapt and strengthen by the time you reach this module. 

If you want more tips on how to sing higher, i’ve written a guide called: 17 Tips On How To Sing High Notes Without Straining Your Voice. There’s definitely a lot of good tips that can help you out there. 

Module 7: Vocal Agility

Day 1: The Agility Climb
Day 2: The Agility Bounce
Day 3: 1 3 5 6 Agility
Day 4: Oo Ah Ah Agility
Day 5: Ee Ee Hey Hey Agility
Day 6: Recap

Learning how to match a note swiftly and accurately should be a top goal for all singers. And in module 7, Aaron teaches vocal agility and how to reach from one note to another without needing to slide the notes slowly. This module is where you’ll feel the training wheels being fully pulled off in the program. 

This module helps with vocal coordination, which is required if you want to learn how to sing with vocal runs, which you’ll hear in many pop and R&B genre songs. 

I found the exercises in this module to be quite useful and interesting because some of the agility runs were quite different from other vocal exercises that I’ve seen from the past. The exercises are practical with training on how to hit the notes quickly and accurately. 

Module 8: Advanced Vocal Strengthening And Techniques

Day 1: Oo E A Vibrato
Day 2: Me Ah
Day 3: Oh Ah Descending Slide
Day 4: Ha Hey
Day 5: Uh Two Octave Scale
Day 6: Congratulations, Recap, and What’s Next?

In module 8 of the Superior Singing Method includes vocal exercises that touch on vibrato, how to expand the vocal range, falsetto, and strengthening the voice. Although some useful exercises are being taught in this module, I feel that the training is quite rushed and lacks focus compared to the previous modules. Even the title “advanced vocal strengthening and techniques” sounds ambiguous and unclear with what the goals of the module are. 

What I think should be in this module is song implementation and how to use the techniques from modules 1 to 7 in actual songs.

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Bonus Module 1: Superior Singing Manual

This bonus module contains a 121-page pdf ebook on a few advanced singing tips and techniques to improve your singing. The manual can be useful for those who want to dive deeper into singing theory and techniques. I found the manual to be very thorough and well-written. It is quite interesting to learn how the body works scientifically while singing.  

Bonus – Module 2: Quickstart Guide To Music Marketing

This section is an article on music marketing providing start strategies on how to promote yourself as a singer. This article seems quite short and outdated, as some of the tips worked when it was 2017. If you’re interested in this topic, you can find more in-depth, up-to-date strategies elsewhere rather than this section of the course.

Bonus – Module 3: How To Sing Harmony With Nathan Chapman

This video was definitely made in the early days of the class because the video quality contrasted quite poorly compared to the main sections of Aaron’s program.

Although the information was brief, the tips from Nathan Capman (2 time Grammy Producer) about how to sing harmony was quite informative. I did wish that there was a full module on harmony as that’s a useful skill for many singers.

Bonus Module 4: Quickstart Guide To Performing

In bonus module 4, Aaron provides a short ebook on performing and overcoming stage fright. Stage fright is quite a common thing for many beginner singers, and I’m glad there is a section that talks about this. 

Is Superior Singing Method a scam?… Does it Really Work?

Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method course is a suitable course for students who are learning singing for the first time. As he mentions throughout the program, consistency and mindset are crucial when learning a new skill. 

So if you regularly practice the vocal exercises and follow the step by step guide within the eight weeks, it does work and you will see improvement in your singing ability. 

But if you’re an advanced singer and looking for more performing techniques, then I would recommend either Christina’s Aguilera’s Masterclass or 30 Day Singer as there are more advanced techniques in these course. 

The Superior Singing Method Price

The price of Superior Singing Method is quite competitive now at $97 due to the recent update to the course. The video quality is much higher, and Aaron has improved on the way he presents his material. 

If you’re looking to learn how to sing but can’t afford a vocal coach, getting this course will be much more affordable. Finding a private vocal coach can be very expensive, so with this program, you can save some money. 

But in terms of the cost compared to the competition in the market, there are better options that provide more robust training like 30 Day Singer and Singorama 2.0 at a similar and lower price

One of my biggest gripes with Superior Singing Method is the lack of variety and visuals with the content. Only learning how to perform vocal exercises isn’t the best way to learn how to sing. The course should’ve included how to use these vocal techniques with actual songs instead of just doing vocal exercises. 

Who is the Superior Singing Method best for?

I’d recommend the Superior Singing Method if you’re new to singing and are looking for a simple guided routine that you can follow. Here are a few situations in which I think the Superior Singing Method could help you: 

  • You want to learn how to sing for fun
  • You learn better with a more straightforward approach
  • You’re planning to sing to someone else
  • You want downloadable content so you can practice on-the-go

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Final Thoughts on Superior Singing Method

Although the program can use more visuals and variety, the content is still very helpful for beginner students. I would recommend this online singing program if you need a very structured schedule to reach your goals. Because of the lack of bells and whistles in the course, there’s less chance of distraction which can help you learn more efficiently.

However, if you’re looking for more variety to learn singing, the 30 Day Singing program and Singorama 2.0 will be my recommended course to check out instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Superior Singing Method

I have some music and singing knowledge. Is this course right for me?

It all depends on what your singing goals are. If you want to simply learn singing in your spare time without needing to sing to others, this course will work as there aren’t any modules on performing being taught. 

But if you’re looking to maybe sing for someone, perform at an open mic or have aspirations to become a professional singer, then this course won’t be for you. 

Is it true that I will notice a difference in my singing voice in only eight weeks?

As with any online singing program, results are never a guarantee. There are always different variables that factor into whether a program works, such as time commitment, consistency, and proper technique. 

If you follow the eight-week schedule of Superior Singing Method using Aaron Anastasi’s instructions, then you will notice an improvement in your singing voice. However, as you go further into the course, you’ll need to explore other singing programs that teach you how to implement these vocal techniques in actual songs.

How much time should I dedicate to Superior Singing Method to become successful?

Depending on which days you’re in the program, expect to spend on average 10-15 minutes give or take. For beginner singers, it may take some more time because some of the exercises may seem foreign and awkward at first.

What if I miss a day or two? Can I take longer?

Because Superior Singing Method is an online singing program, there is a lot of freedom with allocating your time. If you feel like slowing down the pace for the course, you definitely can. But expect your results to come at a later date than the eight weeks timeline that Aaron mentions. 

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